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                         Why Choose Us


Using the latest technology, PINFOSYS' objective was to provide essential information needed to ease the decision making process, as relevant data would now be made readily available.


As specialists in plantation systems development, we at PINFOSYS are continuously working to enhance our packages with new features which will be then shared with all our clients.


Currently there are over 300 estates and 30 mills in Malaysia and over 75 estates and 5 mills outside Malaysia using PINFOSYS solutions.


We have a dedicated team of support staff who help users to solve issues as and when they arise. Our maintenance and support record has so far been very consistent.


The PINFOPALM solution has also been well received with over 50 estates reaping the benefits and ease of use of the hand held units. A third solution, PINFOWEB is being developed and should be ready for customers soon.


We are dedicated to deliver the right fit to match our clients’ needs.

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