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  • Under the manual system the bunch checkers will spend approximately 2 hours daily in the evening to prepare platform FFB quality report and FFB summary for each harvester. With the use of the PINFOPALM system, the checker need not prepare these reports manually.

  • Reports prepared manually by the bunch checker are checked by the harvesting supervisors daily against the bunch chits. Calculation for quality assessment is also checked for accuracy. Under the present system there is no need for harvesting supervisors to check for accuracy and this saves a lot of the supervisors time.

  • Quality analysis and crop data is readily available either on the same day or next morning for management review.

  • A lot of effort in preparing paper work is reduced for the checkers and harvesting supervisors. The harvesting supervisor and planting assistant can spend their time in the field monitoring harvesting standards.

  • Since daily checkroll data is extracted from the PINFOPALM system, the harvesting supervisor need not record harvester data into the checkroll book. The data entry operator need not perform data entry for harvester’s checkroll data. This will reduce the amount of manual work done by the harvesting supervisor and the data entry operator.

  • Harvester supervisors will be able to use the bunch audit system to carry out random audits to check recording accuracy.

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