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   Benefits of using PINFOSYS


  • Developed using Visual Basic development tools under Microsoft Windows environment. Data can be easily moved across other Microsoft software tools.

  • Fully integrated, able to post data automatically across different modules and also to auto post data to HQGL System.

  • Most of the variables are parameter driven and coding structures are user defined.

  • User friendly and data entry made easy to use.

  • Other cost centres e.g. nursery, sheep rearing, etc, expenditure can be analysed using different sets of expenditure codes based on the type of cost centre.

  • Monitoring variance between budget and actual cost can be done on screen, based on user defined criteria with drill down capability up to transaction level.

  • Data transfer between HQ and estates /mills can be done electronically.

  • Drill down analysis from major cost code / source up to transaction level either for month or to date details.

  • Each major/sub Code activity is further broken down into labour, material and  vehicle running.

  • Monitoring of daily field upkeep cost and units done against programme with details

  • Micro analysis beyond sub code level can be achieved by using element codes.  Detail transactions for element codes will be stored for enquiry.

  • Auto posting of checkroll distribution, allowances and deductions charge out into accounts.

  • Checkroll payment methods are parameter driven.

  • Loan sub system to monitor foreign worker levy, tools, and buffalo loan positions in detail.

  • Preparation of contract work certificate of payment and auto posting of work detail into accounts.

  • Tracking of vehicle parts usage

  • Budget preparation is made easy

  • Central database consisting of critical historical data from all estates/mills can be built at Head Office.

  • Historical transaction database will provide tracking of historical data using enquiry screens available in the system.

  • HQGL, AP,AR and Fixed Assets modules are also available.

  • Goods and Service Tax (GST) features are available in the option for Malaysian Customers.

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