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Cloud Based Solutions 

PinfoCloud is a centralised cloud based system where the data for all the operating units will be residing in a central database. All the processes are done in the central database and processed information can be viewed by authorised users anywhere and anytime. 

PinfoCloud is very similar to the current on premise Pinfosys system, and it has additional modules to further enhance the functionalities.  As far as current Pinfosys users are concerned, there will be minimal change in operations when transitioning to PinfoCloud. We can move all the data from the current Pinfosys system to PinfoCloud, thus enabling a smooth and fast implementation  for our current Pinfosys users.


We are in the process of implementing a Dashboard system with preset graphical analysis of crop production, and operation costs. We can cater for additional analysis upon request. We are also incorporating GPS Maps with necessary data for individual field reporting with drill down capabilities.


We have our own webserver known as PinfoCloud.Server  in Cyberjaya. ​Companies who do not have their own data server can use our cloud service for a monthly fee. This service is available 24/7 to our PinfoCloud users, and all the operational and security matters including backup will be handled by PINFOSYS personnel.


Dashboard & Reporting Tables

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