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Mill Management
  • Capturing weighbridge data

  • Monitoring FFB deliveries

  • Monitoring sales against contract

  • Calculation of OER and KER

  • Maintenance and repair expenses are analysed by Labour, Material,  Contract and Vehicle running costs

  • Determine daily CPO & Kernel stock balances

  • Preventive, Corrective and Predictive maintenance
    work order 

  • Laboratory Analysis

Supply Chain
  • Requisition and Purchasing module

  • Store issues to various activities

  • Inventory Management including Stock Ageing

  • Tracking of purchase history

  • Activity based cost accounting 

  • Budget preparation

  • Financial management accounting 

  • FFB collection centre analysis   

  • Inter Operating Centre Debit and Credit Notes

  • Contract system

  • Attendance recording using face recognition

  • Payroll wages computation

  • Export wages to financial service providers for payment

  • Export statutory deduction to relevant authorities

  • Auto posting of payroll data to accounts system 

Vehicle/ Machine/ Workshop
  • Detailed expenses for each unit is monitored 

  • Jobs performed by each unit are charged to respective activity codes

  • Budgets are prepared for each unit 

  • Parts usage tracking

  • Expenses summary for each unit 

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