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About Us



1.  Mr. M. Sivarajasingam (Chief Executive Officer) - 40 Years in the Plantation Industry


2.  Mr. R. Jagadish (Operations Director) - 30 Years in the Plantation Industry


3.  Ms. Mak Fong Yoke (Director) - 40 Years in the Plantation Industry



Pinfosys Sdn. Bhd. was formed in February of 2002 to develop and market a fully integrated plantation system.


With the management team’s wealth of knowledge and an experienced team of designers and developers behind them, PINFOSYS was able to incorporate most modern day plantation management practices into our products.


Our solutions have been received well by the users, with both the PINFOSYS and PINFOPALM solutions helping estates and mills that use them achieve better performance while keeping costs low and improving all round productivity.

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