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Infield Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) Data Collection & Analysis


The bunch checker will be carrying out the following functions:


  • Copy harvester data belonging to his gang from the PC to his PDR.

  • If there is any additional cutter or carrier for the day, the checker will add on manually into the PDR.

  • Record the bunch count based on quality for each platform.

  • Print record slip stating the quality with bar coding and stick it it to one of the bunch assembled.

  • At the end of the day, bunch checker will distribute bunches and loose fruit between cutter and carrier in the palm system. Corrections can be done in the PDR itself. Once the bunch checker has completed his task, he will then transfer bunch quality and distribution data from PDR to office PC.

  • Loaders will collect the slips and pass it to the weighbridge clerk.  Bunch data from the slips are scanned and matched with weighbridge weight to produce field analysis report.  The system will also report on details of platform not cleared

  • Next morning office staff or harvesting supervisor will be able to print all the relevant reports for the bunch checker and for estate management.




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