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Estate System


PINFOSYS Estate System is an estate based system where data capture and reporting is all done in the estate. After completion of the monthly accounts, relevant data is uploaded to Head Office. PINFOSYS places importance in activity based accounting which is critical in monitoring cost against planned budget.  Any cost overrun will be highlighted and necessary action can be taken early. The system covers all areas of plantation management, providing relevant information to help manage the estate efficiently. The modules in the system are as follows:

Module Features :









  • Crops Covered - Oil Palm, Rubber, Cocoa, Coconut & Cash Crops

  • Budget Preparation

  • Store Management

  • Vehicle/Workshop Management

  • Financial Management Accounting

  • Each Activity Broken Down into Labour, Material,     Vehicle Running, Contract Work and Other Cost

  • Checkroll

  • Yield Analysis

  • Fertilizer Application Schedule

  • Field Work Programme

  • Daily Monitoring Field Upkeep Cost/Programme Completed

  • Contractor Payment


  • Sundry Cost Centre Expenditure Analysis for e.g. Nursery, Fruit, Orchard, Cattle Rearing etc.

  • Daily Monitoring of FFB Harvested / Mill Delivery

  • Buffalo Loan Sub System

  • Tools Recovery Sub System

  • Foreign Workers Levy Recovery Sub System

  • Harvesting Standards Monitoring

  • Inter Estate Debit Note

  • Checkroll Harvester Flexible Payment Methods

  • System posting of all checkroll accounting data to accounts

  • Estate P&L

  • Variance comparison between Actual & Budget with drill down up to transaction level capability

  • GST features are integrated into the system with relevant reporting to Customs Department

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