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Digitisation of workers daily productivity


Mill/ Factory Time Attendance

  • Workers movement in and out of premises is recorded, using facial recognition technology

  • Daily attendance and overtime hours are printed out for each worker by station 

  • Corrections can be done by the station supervisor, especially overtime records. 

Recording Attendance Options

  • Daily muster chit summary can be produced.

  • Attendance can be recorded either by use of Palm devices or portable biometric face recognition devices

  • Usage of attendance recording devices will eliminate the probability of ghost workers

Daily Harvesting

  • Bunch checker records bunch count based on fruit quality grading

  • Recorded slips or cards are placed on each platform.These are used for random audit checks and for recording at the weighbridge.

Field & General Work Data

  • Daily job schedule by gang are available on supervisors’ portable devices

  • Monthly planned programs are entered into the palm device

  • Jobs done are entered on a daily basis for each worker

  • Daily analysis of jobs completed against planned programs are readily available


Checkroll Data

  • Daily muster chits

  • Summarised daily reports

  • All data recorded daily are transferred to the checkroll system

  • Manual recording and data entry by office staff is also available, if required

  • Speeds up checkroll processing

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